Auction Items Needed!

A significant portion of the proceeds from our annual Amethyst Affair fundraiser comes from the live and silent auctions held during the evening’s activities. We are asking local business owners and residents to donate items for our auctions. In the past, we’ve received vacations, concert tickets, gift baskets, art, items autographed by celebrities, merchandise, handcrafts, jewelry, and much more. Please help our club increase the amount of money we will give to our area domestic violence shelters in 2019. Donors will be recognized in publicity before and during the event. Contact the club at if you have any questions.

Click here for further information about the event, the Amethyst Advocates (Corporate Donors), and the auction portion of the event. 2019_Amethyst_Affair_Support_Request_Letter


The Cat in the Hat – He’s a Winner!!

This handsome fella, made with care and a whole lot of skill by one of our members, was in a competition at a local pumpkin farm for the best scarecrow. There were 12 entries and we’re thrilled to announce our scarecrow received the most votes. We will use the prize money to support our numerous community service projects!

Fill the Van 2018 – School Supplies Drive

For the second year, our club conducted the Fill the Van Full of School Supplies project in cooperation with the local Bostelman Automotive of Spring Hill car dealership. Bostelman furnished a van for the community to fill full of all kinds of school supplies. They are a fantastic project partner and in addition to social media posts, also put together a video about the event!

It was all hands on deck when members sorted all the items!

We doubled (or more) last year’s donations and filled numerous boxes that were delivered to area schools.

Click this link for an article with more information about this project.


This year, the club voted to adopt one brand-new teacher by buying up to $250 worth of items on their wish list. We selected Ms. Casteel, who is a kindergarten teacher in the Spring Hill Elementary School. We purchased a box full of chair pockets, which will be hung from the back of her student’s chairs to hold papers and other supplies.

Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention

This video is POWERFUL. The GFWC Signature Project is Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention.

Your wait is over….here is the PSO 2018 Lip Sync Challenge Video.
*TRIGGER WARNING. Please watch with caution*
The Law Enforcement Lip Sync Challenge was created to show our communities and nation the humanity behind the badge. It was light-hearted fun that did an excellent job of showing the humor and joy law enforcement individuals have. We, of course, wanted to have our own fun. As many of you have seen, the challenge was extremely successful and hopefully provided each of you with a lot of laughs.
However, there is also a different side to law enforcement we want to draw your attention to.
As we thought about this challenge and its purpose, we also wanted to show you that side. Every day we try to serve, protect, and provide compassion. This job is not always easy, but each day we choose to give it our all and we do it for you, our community.
We are extremely proud of this video and hope it shows you just that.
The Pickens Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all the staff who volunteered their time, energy and dedication to the success of this production. A special thanks to PSO’s own Shane Godfrey for the videography and editing, Sgt. Jody Weaver for the screen play, and Sheriff Donnie Craig for his never-ending support of his staff, and willingness to grant us freedom in our creativity.
Disclaimer: The Pickens Sheriff’s Office neither expresses, nor implies, any ownership or copyright of the music selections used in the production of this entertainment video. Those rights belong exclusively to the artists, performers and / or writers of the original recordings. The participants in this video are, or were, employees / relatives of employees of the Pickens Sheriff’s Office at the time of this production.
*TRIGGER WARNING. Please watch with caution.
Alright Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office, you are up. Let’s see what you have.
#lipsyncbattle #lipsyncchallenge #psopride #ENDdomesticviolence Ellen DeGeneres

Traveling Bookcase Project

One of the GFWC of Tennessee’s state-wide projects was this “quilt square” bookcase, where every club in the state was asked to design, paint, and decorate a wooden square highlighting the club’s history, favorite projects, etc. It’s been traveling all over the place, and it’s finally made its way to Spring Hill. Each of the “quilt” squares were installed in the bookcase. All clubs, from the Ossoli Circle in Knoxville (one of the original GFWC clubs chartered in 1890) to our club (one of the newest clubs in the state federation, chartered in 2010) have a square. Supporting libraries and literacy are two very popular projects for members of the GFWC. In fact, we are credited with starting 75% of the libraries in the U.S. The exhibit will be in the library for at least 2-3 weeks. Stop by and take a look!


Club Wins National Award!

The club’s annual “Fill the Van” school supplies donation project was recently awarded the 2017 GFWC Club Creativity Award in the Education CSP (community service program) at the GFWC International Convention in St. Louis.

Founded in 2010, the GFWC Spring Station Woman’s Club recently won its SECOND “Creativity Award” at the General Federation of Women’s Clubs international convention held in St. Louis. Each year, Community Service Program (CSP) chairmen from each state send a description of the single most original and outstanding club project undertaken in each of the six GFWC CSPs (Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life, International Outreach, and Public Issues) and two signature projects (Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention and Advocates For Children) to their national counterparts for judging. “With clubs in every state and several international chapters, the GFWC has almost 100,000 members, so being judged the best project in competition with everyone in the federation who submitted their local club projects to their state leaders is a huge honor, especially for a club that is so new. Some clubs have been in the Federation since its founding in 1890!” said Vicki Bechet, outgoing President of the local club. “To have been awarded two international “Creativity Awards in 8 years is beyond amazing. We received our first award four years ago for our annual Amethyst Affair – Art, Auction, and Awareness fundraiser that provides funding for area domestic violence shelters and the many community service projects undertaken by our members.” This year’s award was for the club’s Education CSP “Fill the Van” project.

For the second year, the club will be collecting donations of school supplies that will be divided and distributed to area schools in time for the beginning of the new school year. “We are thrilled to partner once again with Bostelman Automotive of Spring Hill on this rewarding community service project. We know there are many families in the Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station area who struggle to purchase every item on their child’s school supply list and very often, teachers use their own money to purchase supplies.” said Jaclyn Taylor, Education CSP chairperson of the Spring Station club.

Vicki Bechet, Bonni Lamey from the club, and Vince Caccese from Bostelman Automotive

The van will be in the car dealership’s parking lot on Highway 31 from July 16 to August 3. All types of school supplies are needed – pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, back packs, crayons, markers, glue, Kleenex, hand sanitizer gel, etc. Last year, the club distributed nine large boxes of supplies to area schools. The goal of this year’s project is to double the donations. Community members can bring their items anytime during the dealership’s business hours.