GFWC International President’s Address

Because of Covid-19, GFWC members were not able to meet in person at our annual International Convention, which would have taken place in Atlanta. Here is the recorded address of the outgoing GFWC President. She highlights only a few of our organization’s many incredible accomplishments in 2018-2020. We are outstanding! Come join us!

Letter from the President - GFWC

No Such Thing As Normal!

Club members heard from Megan DeJarnett at a recent club meeting. We learned about her inspiration for the book “No Such Thing as Normal”. Interested in learning more about Megan and purchasing a book(s)? In this video she shares her incredible story of how her new brand came to life. http://
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With a passion for inclusion and diversity, Megan hopes to provide resources to others, such as her new children’s book, “No Such Thing As Normal”. Copies of the book will be purchased by the Club for local school libraries and the public library.

Donation to The Well Outreach Food Pantry

The GFWC Spring Station Woman’s Club recently contacted the Spring Hill Home Depot to tell them about The Well Outreach Food Pantry’s impending relocation to a new location of Main Street and the numerous infrastructure upgrades needed for the building. The club asked Home Depot if they would either donate or provide a discount for the purchase of two new toilets. Pictured are Shelly Sassen from The Well Outreach and Vicki Bechet from the Woman’s Club with one of the two toilets donated by The Home Depot.